Guide to Professional Basement Waterproofing Contractors and How They Can Help with Flooding

October 26, 2021

According to a report by the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation at the University of Waterloo, the most expensive result of climate change Canadians face is basement flooding. The average cost of basement repair and remediation in 2018 was $43,000, and it’s possible that this figure could increase over time as the weather grows more extreme.

Basement floods have the power to cause severe damage to your property, posing a risk to both its structural integrity and your safety. Fortunately, basement waterproofing contractors have the skills and equipment to protect your property against flooding.

Read on to discover how basement waterproofing specialists can help you reduce your risk of a costly and potentially dangerous flood.

Why is waterproofing your basement important?

Water seeping into your basement can cause severe problems for your property. Let’s look at some of the worst:

Sinking foundation

A sinking foundation is one of the most worrying outcomes of a basement flood. This can occur when water penetrates the soil beneath a property’s foundation. You may be unaware of a leak or crack that allows water into the soil, but it’s vital that you undertake repairs as soon as possible.

Common signs of a sinking foundation include uneven floors, chimneys that tilt to one side, and windows or doors failing to shut correctly. A sinking foundation is a more severe structural problem than mold or cracked walls. The very layer upon which your home sits is unstable, and you need to have this corrected as soon as possible.

Prevention is better than cure, as the saying goes. That’s why it’s so important to waterproof your basement and minimize the risk of a sinking foundation. You’ll enjoy greater peace of mind when you know your home stands on solid ground.


A damp, dark environment is the perfect breeding ground for mold. And that’s exactly what your basement could become if it floods or you leave a consistent leak unattended.

Mold may start small, but it can soon flourish — posing a potential danger to your (and your loved ones’) health if any of you are sensitive to mold. Exposure over time can trigger various unpleasant symptoms. According to the Government of Canada, these include wheezing, coughing, exacerbated asthma symptoms, itching eyes, and irritated skin.

Some people are more prone to these effects than others, and they could develop a fever or experience shortness of breath. Those with weakened immune systems or lung disease face the biggest risk from mold, due to potential fungal infections and respiratory difficulties.

Damage to Irreplaceable Possessions

For many of us, the basement is an ideal place to store assorted items we don’t want to dispose of but have no room for elsewhere. Old family photos, clothing, childhood toys, school records, and more can all spend years boxed up in basements.

But a flood could destroy these and any other possessions stored in your basement for safe keeping. That can be emotionally devastating when items with sentimental value are ruined beyond repair.

What causes flooding?

The Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation report claims that common factors increasing the risk of flooding in Canadians’ basements include:

  • Ground level windows (in 82% of properties)
  • Downspouts depositing water within 2 meters of a home’s foundation (78%)
  • Basement windows with cracks allowing water to seep inside (63%)
  • Low-grade basement drains that channels water into the property’s foundation (69%)

As a homeowner, you may feel daunted by these and other issues that can raise your risk of a basement flood. It can be tempting to ignore them and hope for the best — especially when there’s a significant cost involved in putting them right.

What will basement waterproofing contractors do?

The best basement waterproofing contractors will undertake a comprehensive process to ensure your property receives the right treatment. They’ll begin by sending qualified estimators to your home to conduct an examination.

Equipped with thermal cameras and moisture readers, estimators will explore the root of your problem. This allows them to identify the overall issue affecting your basement, and offer an effective solution for permanent results.

A reliable team will work with you to explain the factors increasing your risk of a flood, whether that’s water seeping into the basement through an unsafe ground floor window or anything else. They’ll discuss what they need to do to fix your problem and waterproof your basement effectively.

Three services are available to waterproof your property:

  • Exterior waterproofing
  • Interior waterproofing
  • Underpinning

Here’s a quick breakdown of each service.

Exterior waterproofing

This process focuses on the external walls of your home to create a more secure foundation and keep moisture on the outside. Contractors will begin by contacting the city to perform locates on all utilities, before moving on to excavation right down to the foundation’s bottom.

All cracks and holes will be sealed. Blueskin WP 200, a Bituthene primer, and delta membrane will be applied to the foundation. Next, a flow test will confirm that water exits your home correctly, and weeping tiles will be installed next to footings.

Interior waterproofing

Contractors complete interior waterproofing by cleaning foundations of debris, then creating a trench along the foundation wall. They’ll add a Delta MS drainage membrane and weeping tile system, which is later covered with gravel. The weeping tile will be connected to a sump pump or drain, before concrete slabs are replaced.


Underpinning can help to stabilize your property in the event of a structural problem, which may be caused by basement flooding. The best contractors handle inspections by the city as necessitated by law and provide engineered stamped drawings and permits.

How to find the right basement waterproofing contractors to protect your property

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