6 Reasons You Need Foundation Waterproofing

December 9, 2021

Of all the different components of your home, your foundation is the most important. If the foundation goes, the rest of the home will go with it. Therefore, careful attention must be paid. 

Foundations are exposed to all sorts of damage. However, it’s water damage that deteriorates a foundation the most. This is why foundation waterproofing exists. 

What happens if you don’t waterproof your foundation? All sorts of stuff. Here are six reasons to utilize foundation and basement waterproofing. 

1. To Keep Your House Intact

Over time, a home’s foundation is exposed to all sorts of wear and tear. Not only is it affected by the shifting of soil but by direct physical trauma and groundwater as well. 

After some time, these many elements will cause the foundation to crack. Then, as even more time passes by, more cracks will form. These cracks will grow in severity over the years, eventually getting to the point that the foundation starts to shift and buckle. 

This can have terrible consequences, as the foundation can eventually lose all structural integrity, and then fall in on itself. In essence, the entire house can fall apart. 

Fortunately, there are things you can do to combat this. Namely, you can waterproof your foundation. 

This includes things such as repairing the cracks within your foundation, grading your yard to keep water away from your foundation, and more. The more you do to waterproof your foundation, the stronger it will remain. 

So, in essence, foundation waterproofing isn’t optional. If you want your house to still be standing decades from now, you must waterproof your foundation. 

2. To Prevent Flooding

The total destruction of your home is the worst thing that can happen if you don’t waterproof your foundation. However, a step down the intensity ladder reveals another major consequence: flooding. By failing to engage in exterior waterproofing and interior waterproofing, you can make your basement vulnerable to flooding. 

This is as simple as cracks forming in your foundation. Every time a new crack forms, it presents an avenue through which groundwater can flow. The more cracks there are and the wider they are, the more water will make its way into your basement during times of heavy rainfall. 

At a minimum, there will be some trails of moisture dripping down your basement walls. At a maximum, your entire basement will flood, thus resulting in the damage of many of your possessions. 

So, if you don’t want your basement to flood in the future, make sure to waterproof your foundation. Your local waterproofing company can help you with the task. 

3. To Reduce The Risk Of Mold Growth

Mold spores are attracted to water. As such, if your basement is wet, mould is going to start growing in it. It’s as simple as that. 

Now, how might water get into your basement? Generally speaking, it comes in through foundation cracks. In other words, groundwater is most concerning for homes with foundations that have not been waterproofed. 

And this is precisely why you should waterproof your foundation: doing so will reduce the risk of mold growth in your basement. This will not only remove an aesthetic blight but will also improve your basement and home’s overall air quality. 

Those with mold allergies will be able to breathe easier and won’t have to worry about uncomfortable symptoms like sneezing, coughing, rashes, itchy eyes, and the like. 

4. To Prevent Musty Smells

Another reason to waterproof your foundation is to prevent the buildup of musty smells. Again, this has to do with water running down through your foundation and into your basement. 

See, this water attracts not only mold spores but dust and dirt as well. And as these entities accumulate, they create a stronger and stronger odor. Eventually, this odor becomes almost overwhelming, to the point that your basement becomes almost a completely undesirable area. 

Over time, you might even notice that this smell has infiltrated the possessions that you keep in your basement, thus damaging them irreparably. Don’t allow this to happen. Get that foundation waterproofed and keep those awful smells asway. 

5. To Keep Insects Out

Insects make their way into homes through a variety of different avenues. One of the most popular of these avenues is through foundation cracks. So, if you fail to waterproof your foundation, there are almost sure to be insects crawling through your basement on a regular basis. 

These run the gamut from centipedes to millipedes to spiders to ants and more, the majority of which are extremely uninviting. Who wants to be around creepy crawly bugs all the time? Not most people. 

So, make sure to patch up those foundation cracks in a timely manner. Only by doing so can you make your basement a habitable place. 

6. To Make Your Basement A Habitable Place

The last reason to waterproof your foundation is to make your basement a habitable place. If you want your basement to contain carpet and drywall and furniture, you need to keep your foundation waterproofed. 

Otherwise, these entities will be perpetually damaged by water. They’ll warp and crack and fall apart, and will require a bevy of money in order to be fixed. 

Your basement will also be exposed to wind drafts and cold weather. This will make it entirely uncomfortable to exist in. 

So, if you want to turn your basement into a recreational area, for instance, be sure to keep that foundation waterproofed. 

Need Foundation Waterproofing in Toronto?

As you can see, failing to waterproof your foundation can have some pretty severe consequences. Not only can it result in mold growth, flooding, and disgusting smells but the total annihilation of your basement as you know it. 

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